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What is APEX?

APEX is the student-run collaborative media journal at Holyoke Community College. Half school newspaper, half creative forum, APEX looks to share the brilliance and creativity of HCC students. APEX is sponsored by the HCC Office of Academic Affairs, English Department, and Student Activities Office.

What will I find on APEX?

News articles, photography, art, essays, podcasts, vlogs... APEX exists to publish the wonderful works and ideas of HCC students. APEX is an open submission publication, so any HCC student, staff, or faculty can submit through the CREATE page on our website.

How do I submit to APEX?

On the CREATE page on our website, there is a form to submit a file to our dropbox. The instructions are posted, but please include the file, your HCC email address, and a short paragraph of context (why did you create this?).

What determines what gets published?

APEX has a team of student editors and curators that review every submission based on a number of merits. Things taken into account include creativity, topicality, impact, and educational importance.

Please note that, although the APEX Executive Board sets guidelines regarding publishing, certain aspects of publications reflect the views of the individual editors and curators. 

How can I help?

APEX is always looking for contributors, editors, curators, and other supporting members. Please do not hesitate to submit your works through our submission process, and feel free to register to attend one of our weekly virtual meetings.

For donations or equipment contributions, contact us directly at


Frequently asked questions

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