Jossie Valentin Says Goodbye to HCC

An Article by Ann Matica

Long-time Holyoke Community College Staff Member joins Elizabeth Warren Campaign

March 22, 2019

     If Senator Elizabeth Warren is elected president in November 2020, HCC will be able to take some credit

for the victory.         
     Jossie Valentin left HCC on February 1st, 2019 after almost 13 years of employment at the
school. She is now working as state director for the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign in Massachusetts.       

     As state director Valentin’s new job consists of being Elizabeth Warren’s ambassador for Massachusetts. She will be working to collaborate with elected officials and community groups throughout the state up until the primaries in March 2020. “I’ve been a supporter of Senator Warren since her first run in 2012,” said Valentin. “She’s always been a champion for us here in Holyoke. She’s always been very aware of the importance of Western Mass.”

     Valentin has begun work on Senator Warren’s campaign by organizing phone banks and coordinating buses for the candidate's presidential announcement in Lawrence, MA that took place on February 6.

     Although Valentin will remain in Holyoke to work on the campaign, she has had to say goodbye to Holyoke Community College. Valentin was a senior academic advisor at HCC and worked primarily with students on academic probation or those who had lost their financial aid.
     The most rewarding part of her time at HCC, she said, was mentoring students. “Meeting a lot of these students under academic probation and then being able to see them at commencement walking across the stage and getting their diploma is most definitely one of the most rewarding experiences,” she said.    

     Her new job with Warren consists of  “a lot of network building which as an elected official I’ve been able to do for quite some time for myself.” Valentin is currently in her third term as a city counselor for Ward 4 in Holyoke, and plans to renew her seat after her two years of service come to an end in December 2019.          

     Her job as a city counselor is a combination of filing legislation for the city and working in direct contact with the residents of Holyoke. Valentin said that can be as simple as getting pot holes fixed or as complex as helping families get the services they need for children with disabilities.       

     Valentin’s work as a city counselor was honored last April when she was awarded  the 2018 Democrat of the Year award from the Holyoke Democratic City Committee.“It was just really reaffirming and I was very honored and privileged to be recognized by my Democratic colleagues,” she said.

     Valentin grew up and lived in Puerto Rico for 14 years. Her support for Elizabeth Warren has come from the work that the senator has done concerning legislation for Puerto Rico as well as Warren’s participation when the hurricane hit in September 2017. “When no one else was paying attention to Puerto Rico, before the hurricane, regarding legislation about forgiving the debt and figuring out how to get Puerto Rico on track Senator Warren was there at the forefront,” said Valentin.

     Valentin herself has helped with the hurricane relief of Puerto Rico by coordinating a care package project in Holyoke that mailed 185 care packages to 20 towns in Puerto Rico.

     Valentin is excited for the work she will continue to do for the City of Holyoke and for the state of Massachusetts on the Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign.

      Although Valentin is looking forward to what is to come she says she will miss the college, “We give every student the same opportunity. So being a part of that and so many stories of success is most definitely what I will miss the most.”

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